I am a fan of movies and TV, and I’m pretty much drowning in Hallyu these days. In real life I’m an left brain person – engineering, science, all that jazz.

I was pretty much happy with what mainstream Hollywood provide until one fateful day in high school, a friend dragged me to accompany her to watch Jeux d’enfants. About the same time, stressing out with exams, a mighty Hallyu wave came unannounced and swept me away. I was in awe. The entertainment universe is big! The rest is history, and I’ve spent a few years of being an indie-movie enthusiast. I’ve branched out to dramas too and today, less movies, but I am a k-addict. It’s somewhat an achievement for someone with extremely short attention span and a fickle mind.

I’d love to share about this love to anyone who would listen (and there are few). This is my little space to record my journeys, tribulations, jumps, falls, and keep track of what I like. I’m not grumpy, and I’m a phlegmatic, so you’ll find more posts of the gushing type.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you have a good time and leave a mark!


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