Crack alert: The Musical

Another crack alert! Aahh!! Have not felt this for a long time! It is because of The Musical,… or in fact, him!


Ah, this man-boy. I noticed him in Worlds Within and found him adorable, despite him playing a very annoying character. But I never thought too much of him. The next outing that I watched him in was Cyrano Dating Agency (which disappointed me, by the way. Not him but the movie) and I was starting to worry about him getting typecasted. And now this.

He has this innate cuteness and a down-to-earth, sincere charm. I always find him good-looking with a great bod (aren’t they all?) but only in The Musical that I start to, as those Koreans like to say, “see him as a man”. I love his character, the straightforward Jae-hee (or Jae-yi?); his mix of maturity and childlikeness, his enthusiasm for his craft and as a great mentor. Already I sense that he is the artist who needs his muse just like he needs to breathe, and that he’s a passionate man who loves fiercely and deeply it’s scary. And just look at how weakly he resists Kang-hee.

Gu Hye-sun. I wish she would dial down the awkward bumbling thing! I think she naturally has a vibrant and pleasant energy, but with the overacting it becomes grating. And, no matter what everyone bitches about the haircut, I think she is pretty. Her quieter scenes are absolutely fine and I enjoy her singing scenes, especially the one with Jae-hee when she made up her lyrics. Oh, and I think the chemistry with Daniel Choi is definitely there too. If she. Just. Tones. Down. then it will all be fine.

Ock Joo-hyun is beautiful, charismatic, and confident. I have high expectations for theatre / musical actors since I know my two wubs, Oh Man-seok and Eom Ki-joon, are awesome (sorry, I just have to mention them), and she does not disappoint. She plays the selfish bitch without any reservation – I find her pretty interesting, plus I find it hard to hate her fully. She already shows signs of insecurity and I cannot wait for what’s in stock in the future.

So is Park Ki-woong, whom I like since The Story of A Man. I always think of him as a capable actor and he plays the typical k-drama cold chaebol with subtlety and vulnerability that made me root for him. Not to mention he’s quite a hot stud as well.

I hope The Musical and I really hope it continues to be good! The music is excellent, the atmosphere is great. I do have some qualms – one is I cannot stand Christine / Bok-ja – I wouldn’t go as far as to say she is mean-spirited, but she is a very dodgy person. I don’t know if she’s supposed to be comic relief, but it’s not funny.

I have been excited about The Musical since its early announcement and I was overjoyed that it finally finds a slot. In fact, I’ve been excited about all three music-themed kdramas Dream High – The Musical – What’s Up?. Dream High has been my lowest expectation and it turned out to be such an enjoyable fare. I love how each drama has a professional musical actor: Dream High has Eom Ki-joon (it is criminal that he did not sing there!), The Musical has Ock Joo-hyun, and What’s Up has Oh Man-seok. And to top it off it is written by Song Ji-nah. Someone find a slot for What’s Up already!!!

Now back to him.

Is it because he insisted to play the piano scenes himself and practiced them everyday? Or because he looks so good in a wife beater? We demand a closer look!

I took the above pic from dramabeans (the article I linked above).


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2 Responses to Crack alert: The Musical

  1. ripgal says:

    I’m watching The Musical because of Daniel too! In fact, he and the music are the only reasons I’m still watching. Park Ki Woong is middling, good in some, cringe-worthy in some.. And the rest? They’re just OK. And yes, something abt GHS bugs me. The way she speaks? Or how she plays ditzy?

    I like the story and premise, but I didn’t buy the progression or execution of the plot. Thought some parts were just too random and odd (e.g. JY suddenly going about how Eun Bi’s got this massive potential while I don’t feel it from GHS’s acting sorry, JY and Gang Hee? What are they?..etc), editing too choppy, and chemistry, did not feel a thing between any of the characters (yet) and drama rushed to the vague thingy going on between EB and JY. Lucky the music’s good and so is Daniel. So I’m still hanging on.

    I wonder if you’ve seen Baby-Faced Beauty? Daniel is absolutely adorable and charming in it. A lil bit immature and playful, but if there’s anything abt it that’s worth, it’s Daniel. He nails thoughtful, cute, endearing, charming, boyish and romantic all in one go.

    • toopai says:

      Aww, you’re not that into The Musical? Haha, even though some parts are clunky as you pointed out, I pretty much cruise through each episode. With starry googly eyed towards Mr Choi, I might add. Odd, yes, but not really random as the back story is slowly revealed to us (o wait Christine is random and odd).

      Anyhow, I think they serve a decent drama, the big picture story is solid with great potential and good themes to explore. I love the how the main characters are written, esp Jae-hee, he is such an artist. Eun-bi is rather uneven but I like her in episode 4. Still think Gu Hye-sun should tone down, but her singing is getting better. I hope as we pass the introduction stage, the meaty part will get better.

      Baby-Faced Beauty I haven’t watched. I noticed from your blog that you enjoyed the show and would eventually check it out for Daniel, just that I’m not into Jang Na-ra.

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