The Baby Steps of Drama Addiction

Baby steps. It all starts with baby steps. I wrote this list a long time ago and thought it worth posting… due to the lack of posts these days.
  • The magic of watching that first drama
  • Becoming an recreational drama watcher (through dvds or friends’ hard-drives).
  • Heightened interest in faces and recognition skill
  • Becoming a regular streamer
  • Becoming an insane fangirl / fanboy
  • Growing curiosity and courage to try other genres: thriller / revenge, makjang, sageuk…
  • Becoming a constant drama hunter (to ease increasingly frequent addiction pangs)
  • Discovery of the right people and blogs. These people seem like superhumans: they watch, translate, sub, advise, review, discuss, it’s endless
  • The courage to try on dramas beyond 20 episodes
  • Learning to juggle a few dramas at once
  • Accepting that it is OK to not finish a drama
  • Sometimes, streaming sucks and unreliable. Moving on to be a downloader and a tech expert.
  • Passive understanding of certain foreign drama phrases and using them in everyday life
  • Unexplainable swelling fondness when hearing Koreans speaking Korean on the street
  • Blog commenting. And later, blog writing.
  • Surprising tolerance, and later… interest, on K-idols
  • Piling up wish list. Suddenly life seems so short and the drama list keeps growing
  • Ruthless culling method of drama selection. A few episodes, if a drama does not impress, it’s out
  • Getting friendly with the FF button
  • Start to have impossible cravings of a certain director / writer / actor…
  • Watching is like a ritual. Or like breathing.
  • Watching a drama live and raw. Then rewatch when subs are out. Then read recaps. Then write about them in your blog.
  • Joining the twitter party
  • Showing symptoms of a seasoned watcher, i.e. gets grumpier and harder to please.
  • The gaining of extraordinary knowledge and database
  • Invasion of one’s iPod, blog feeds, browser bookmarks, dashboard, etc by all things Korea
  • Determination to achieve mastery of the drama’s native language
  • Joining the fan-subbing party
  • Joining the recapping party
  • Going to Korea to learn the language, or to work, or to stalk some celebs, or all combined
Uh. Not that I’m trying to achieve all of them.
Img from hsuphoto

About toopai
part time couch potato, full time movie and drama enthusiast.

2 Responses to The Baby Steps of Drama Addiction

  1. germaineora says:

    yyeahh… yeah… yeah… that’s me there!!! ha ha! love it!!!

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