Celebrating Ludicrous Subs

Don’t you hate it when you watch some streaming and it’s a machine that does your subs? Chinese names cropping out of nowhere, nonsensical gibberish you can’t understand? And yet, they’re the first thing available to soothe me, who refused to wait any longer. Mostly I can still decipher what the big picture is, but at times (when completely unedited by a human being) they’re so absurd they gave me a good laugh.

She doesn’t care that a good friend is good?

Many people disagree that fishing’s in vain when you don’t catch any.

I’m racking my brains and still can’t find the connection between grain kernels and cinema.

I have a feeling this is why I miss the subtle hint in the sisters’ storyline…..?!

Leather contract? I don’t understand company talk.

I dunno, they just keep babbling on and on about leather.

Yes! Finally someone else agrees!

No caps, I just find Mum and Dad’s reaction to Kang leaving the room funny.

Is he talking about the environmental consciousness of the people of Costa Rica?

I too disapprove of gray body paint.


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