A Quickie

A quickie post before I go to bed.

49 Days is over. Good drama, strong ending, thoughts (and some rants) coming up.

Live watching a Hong sisters’ drama again. Now I remember how good it feels. I thirst for the next episode and needed something else to distract me.

Mum has finally joined the Flames of Ambition feast, which means I can’t binge since we’ve gotta watch it together. (In-ki found out that Yoon Na-young’s her mum! Oohhh!! Her expression was priceless.)

So yesterday I made a little trip to Thundie’s Prattle, where one thing led to another: the failure of streaming Magic episode 1 and Kang Dong-won staring tauntingly at me. I’ve never watched this dude before but I could only respond, “Whatever you say, sexy bastard!”. Torrent is working as we speak. I can’t wait.

I’m weighing on whether to start Romance Town, less inclined on City Hunter. Probably not gonna start Lie To Me (sob, sorry Kang Ji-hwan!).

Ahh! Choices! Choices!


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2 Responses to A Quickie

  1. ripgal says:

    Kang Dong Won for the win in ANYTHING. He never disappoints. 😀

    As much as 99% of the K-drama watching population are fawning over Lie To Me and the KJH/OTP, seriously, this drama sucks. I’m a very very huge fan of KJH and even he could not salvage the drama for me. 3 eps in and I bowed out. If you manage to sit thru Ep 1 I’d be surprised, I sat thru 3, and I wondered how I did it. aiks..

    • toopai says:

      My download for Magic is finally complete! Now just preparing myself for a huge Kang Dong-won binge. This is gonna be great; I’ve read heaps of praise for this guy and he just looks irresistible.

      As for Lie To Me, it really seems I will stay away (okay, apart from Youtubing several infamous kiss scenes teehee), eventhough I adore Kang Ji-hwan and I kind of like Yoon Eun-hye too. And it’s the second time I avoid her drama because of meh reviews, the first one being Lady Castle 😦

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