Hello World

And here we are, after a bit of a time jump. Hello folks. I’m back.

It’s been about two months since my last post, which also marked an irreversible change in my life: from the life of a full-time slacker to a full-time employee (hope that explains things a little bit). It’s been lots of adjustments, lots of growing pains, etc. Not to worry, I still find time for my beloved dramas… although admittedly not as fervent as before. I have to spend time to commute, be useful, and appear sane during the day, you see. I’m slowly adjusting to this new stage of life, while still missing the days where I finished an average of 7 episodes a day, of course.

Above all, this makes me cherish the goodness of the Asian drama experience. Dream High is the ultimate escapism and I’m still not over Song Sam-dong. Alone In Love is one amazing experience; and such a perfect timing… I wouldn’t have related with it so well as a student. (I did try, many years ago, and I struggled through the first episode and ditched it subsequently. What was I thinking?) I gave up on Secret Garden because willing myself to watch an episode was just too hard. Flames of Ambition is sharp, devastating, and wickedly fun. I’ve also dabbled with Drunken to Love You and was taken aback at how different a TW-drama is presented. Strangely, I kind of like it, but I have to kiss subtlety good bye. I also recently started on 49 Days and I like what I see so far.

So, I’ll keep the love burning.

Oh, and no image would be more fitting to end the post than The Snippy Scheduler himself. Such a fun character! However, although I love the character, and his outfits, Jung Il'woo's not really doing it for me *ducks rotten eggs*. Still, he's pretty.

Image credit to fuckyeahilwoo.tumblr.com


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