How Awesome was Dream High 10-11?

Dream High is my crack. It’s official. Which doesn’t really make sense with the mediocre acting all around, my general indifference to k-idols, and my moderate giddiness level every watch. But, I’m so invested. Despite some clunkiness (OMG! Every class assessment determines life and death!) and cheesiness (making friends with Japanese kids through song and dance!), the plot never stands still. The characters are adorable and the sensibilities of their interactions are beyond my expectation. My giddiness level broke its record on episode 10, everytime I caught my reflection on my super reflective computer screen, I was always grinning like an idiot. So much singing and dancing! So much feel good! Soar, o my heart! Enough for me to do a pic spam post. Enough words. Let the pics begin!

I love that Pil-sook's still such a dork!

Jason Doll, check.

Ridiculous MV, check.

Truce, check. (no matter how temporary it was)

Teacher Kang awesomeness, check.

The adults' hilarious story, check.

She's surprisingly cute.

No it's not!

Then we get episode 11. My heart was thrashed. No more fluffy puppy Song Sam-dong.

Boy is so f#$*ing beautiful. It breaks my heart. Especially when Creep began to play.

The main reason why I love Sam-dong over Jin-gook (despite the latter being the more interesting character) is Kim Soo-hyun’s portrayal. Now I understand why he’s such a darling Melo boy. Angsty Sam-dong trumps angsty Jin-gook big time.

Angsty heartbroken Sam-dong

Angsty manual labour Sam-dong

Angsty student Sam-dong

I mean, Make Over 1.0 was not bad at all, but I kept thinking, what a pity it was to forgo the pleasure of viewing the gorgeous harmony of those eyes and those eyebrows. Now I know it’s to leave room for Make Over 2.0.

Angsty music writing Sam-dong (THAT's how you write music, frantic and messy and energetic)

Angsty sideways Sam-dong

But I love 11! For once I didn’t boohoo or get angry, a budding musician losing his hearing is tragic (no matter how cliche). Why isn’t there any development for ear transplant these days? I was relishing all the melo and angst they served us, and Kim Soo-hyun was finally given a chance to show what stuff he’s made of. He aced it. Now I’m thinking what if Jin-gook is played by a better actor, to level the playing field. Say Kim Soo-hyun? (ehh, no we don’t want no Cinderella Man) Or, YOO AH-IN?

Other note-worthy happenings when Sam-dong isn’t around.

Aww for cute non-date!

Teacher Kang fixes his bangs. Spiffy!

BAHAHAHA his bow tie!

Can next week come any quicker?? (Uh, no actually, that will mark my first day of plunging into the adult working world)

There are a couple of pics that I have to credit dramabeans.


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