The James McAvoy Escapade Part 1

Although my brain cells are invaded by Korea these days, I’m making an effort to be a keen observer of the other side of the world too, just like a few years ago. I used to be a rabid fangirl of James McAvoy, and during those times I pretty much scrambled to get my hands on as much of his work as I can. Still a big fan now. Recently I dusted some of his unwatched movies off the shelf and began again. It reminded me again how dangerously sexy this pasty Scot is, his commanding screen presence, sheer charm, insane versatility, masterful acting. Not to mention his knees-weakening natural accent. So here I’m making small notes / short reviews on his works I’ve seen, and this is part 1. I saw them only once years ago, so details are bound to be fuzzy and these are written with the help of a few Youtube clips (God bless Youtube). Without further ado, here we are:

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Four siblings stumbled into Narnia, the magical world of talking animals, which currently suffers under the rule of a ruthless witch.
James Mode: Innocent child-like creature.

Narnia is the movie that introduced me to him as Mr. Tumnus the faun. Although not a major character, he made quite an impression. He was cute, kindly, sympathetic, and had a pleasant chemistry with Lucy. Although he seemed so benign, I thought I sensed a flash of something more to him from the start, like something sinister, and I started to doubt him (I regretted it). Mr Tumnus had this strange offbeat charm to him – yeah, this goat-man was *almost too inappropriately* attractive for a non-human character in a family friendly premise, and he wasn’t even trying. Sadly, he then proceeded to spend most of the movie as a sculpture in the Witch’s garden. But we got to see him again finally, and he rocked.

Has-been tennis player dude hooked up with hot up-and-coming tennis player girl and found a new vigour in his career.
James Mode: Hilarious comic-relief dude

He played brother to the said tennis player dude, played by Paul Bettany (mmmm) who was especially scrumptious – he’s swoonworthy material and it’s refreshing to see him doing roles like this. Anyway back to our man James, he didn’t get much screen time, he’s practically there as comic relief; as an unapologetically annoying yet hilarious little brother who hit on anything that moved. His straight faced delivery was amusing and proved his knack for comedy.

Becoming Jane
The life and love of young Jane Austen and Irishman Tom Lefroy, the inspiration to her most popular character of all time, Mr. Darcy.
James Mode: Devastatingly Dashing.

James played Tom Lefroy. Say what? The inspiration to the universal Achilles’ Heel of all females? I can’t give you a review because every time I try to recall something useful to say about James’ performance in this movie, my only output is “SWOOOOONNNN”. He truly maxed out all the dashing. Jane was baffled by how this penniless student who had shocked, provoked and angered her with his impertinence, also fascinated her, made her all hot and bothered and basically swept her off her feet. I was baffled by how this ordinary-looking, shortish dude managed the evoke those exact reactions from me. Then he unleashed The Gaze, with those piercing eyes and downward arching eyebrows. Then I understood.


A frustrated office worker discovered his professional assassin pedigree and was sucked to the brotherhood. It’s got Angelina Jolie, cars, curved bullets, and all.
James Mode: Shirtless (!!) action dude.

Hell yeah!

Wanted is about an unexpected hero, and his wry delivery, intense portrayal, and transportation from a whiny puny man was spot on and made us unexpectedly root for him. I have to applaud whoever casted him in this movie for being so shrewd. He’s the saving grace and breath of life to an otherwise crappy, striving-to-be-slick movie. His chemistry with Angelina Jolie was thin (I with all my bias verdict that it’s mostly her fault. And how the characters are written, actually). I wasn’t enthusiastic that they’re making Wanted 2, but hey, who’s to complain about shirtless McAvoy goodness + ripped upper torso + guns!

There you have it. For Part 2, his movies are my recently and soon to be watched / rewatched, so hopefully I’ll be able to offer a fresher point of view. I will write about: Starter for Ten, Inside I’m Dancing, The Last King of Scotland, Penelope, Atonement, and Shakespeare Retold: Macbeth. Stay tuned!


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One Response to The James McAvoy Escapade Part 1

  1. ditdut says:

    OMG, he was sooooo blinding in Becoming Jane, total heartthrob. I loved him in Penelope too!

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