Park! Yong! Woo!

OK, so Park Yong-woo steals hearts. Heart as vast as the ocean, the shyness, gentleness, the adorable smile of Hwang Jung practically own everyone, not just the Pretty Miss and myself, but also her cool father Intrepreter Yoo, Dr. Allen, the grandmas and grandpas on the street, kids, the servant-girl turn nurse, his roommate, the Queen’s nephew, the King, even the evil moustache guard who tried to kill him before…. It’s wonderful, the kind of love that made me want to shrink back to 7 yo and have him teach me how to ride a bike or crawl into his lap while he reads me stories.

Naturally, I googled him and found a poster of the movie Changing Partners. Nooooooo!!! *shatter shatter shatter* Oh noes, my Mr. Hwang, all sexed up and tousled hair in what I suspect to be one of those horny bed-rompy movies. Then, I made a further mistake by checking out the trailer. (after all, a real scholar can’t make assumptions and is always in pursuit of truth and knowledge)

Suspicion is confirmed. Am trying to crawl away from his lap now (or am I really?). LOL, point is, I have to finish Jejoongwon and focus on the pure-hearted Hwang Jung w/o any distraction so as not to ruin this pure wholesome image of him. If not, before I knew it he’d be on board to my train of Hot Ahjusshis. Hehehehehe.

If you haven’t already, check out Jejoongwon. I’m a sageuk newbie but this show is sageuk-dummy-friendly, so warm and comforting! Never thought that I’d love a medical show to bits (liked Grey’s Anatomy and House in the past but it was shortlived). Courtesy of the nice folks in thundie’s prattle, I also will have the chance to watch The White Tower too soon. Yay!!!


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