Happy 2011!!

Oh sheesh, where did the year go? 2010 was so absobloodylutely glorious for me in terms of k-drama watching, a great leap forward – it’s the year where school wound down so I had much more chance to watch, discover, read, etc.

Some personal 2010 achievements!

  • Watched about the same number of k-dramas as all the previous years combined together
  • Found a handful of k-drama blogs and became avid reader ever since
  • Transitioned from a streamer to a downloader
  • Finally finished Goodbye Solo
  • Discovered of many talented, charming k-actors who then became the new loves of my life.
  • Getting inspired to write this bloggy
  • Listened to some Korean music and welcomed them to my iPod
  • Became hangul-literate (even if this means freezing for a full minute in front of a sentence trying to decipher them, and then, not understanding them at all.)
  • Found the courage to start a sageuk and a family drama. Oh, and a makjang!

I’ve been pondering. In contrary to what a wise man once said, “Life’s too short for a bad drama.”, I think that consuming gem after gem all the time will make me appreciate said gem less. So I have to thoughtfully intersperse some so-called shit in between, after all there is happy shit and there is awful, sanity-compromising shit. Some servings of the former will be fun, right? (didn’t expect them to sound completely gross though) Also, the definition of crappy dramas is completely subjective so it might not be shit after all!

Hence, with that in mind, these are a few drama resolutions for 2011:

  • BOF. And Goong. I usually blush and say, “No, I haven’t watched them.” to my friends. It’s time to change this. No self-professed drama addict’s life would be complete without watching them. But before that I have to learn how to be friends with the FF button.
  • Strongest Chil Woo. It intrigues me as it looks like it would be hilariously awesometastic. If for all the wrong reasons. And of course Yooooo Ah-in in a smooth silky wig? nomnomnomnom.
  • Conflicted whether I should start Mary Stayed Out All Night or not. Especially looking at the previous three dramas I mentioned before, with dread.
  • Catch up on Flames of Ambition! And will watch Secret Garden!
  • I want some Kim So-yeon. Which is better: Prosecutor Princess or Dr. Champ?
  • Maaaybe, start a habit of rewatching a favourite drama? Candidates include: What’s Up Fox, Soulmate, and Bad Family.
  • Low priority goal: diversify to J-Doramas because they’re good in a different way form k ones. And shorter. And also Taiwanese dramas – I didn’t find them particularly great but me try to learn Chinese. Eotokke?

Hope the coming 2011 will be as great!!


About toopai
part time couch potato, full time movie and drama enthusiast.

2 Responses to Happy 2011!!

  1. ditdut says:

    ooh, BOF and Goong, if you’re not besties with the FF button, you’re done for.

    Kim Soyeon, Dr Champ! Most people would say PP, but I hated the drama, so…

    Oh man, I wanna watch Chilwoo too!

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