My current k-drama state

I was living my life (vacation) comfortably and starting to forget days, and suddenly … crap!! I missed Sungkyunkwan Episode 19 on TV!! And worst was that I wasn’t even too remorseful about it. Regret only started to overwhelm me when I read the recaps – it seemed like a standout and dramatic and super happening episode, unlike 16 – 18, where people started to take off their hats and kiss – while there were other important things to do, they seemed like… um, just second priority or so. It would’ve reignited the fire in my heart, because an episode only requires one thing: (1) Yong-ha breaking down, or (2) Jae-shin breaking down, or (3) Jae-shin getting hurt; to get me all angsty. Missing an episode that contains all these three things? And you say you’re a fan of the show?! Blasphemy!

While I did tune in for the finale (with so much distraction from people at home here) so I wasn’t even fully concentrating, and I though it was… alright. I kinda don’t like that the strong and admirable  Cho-seon ended up looking so female and fragile in In-soo’s arms. Hmph. It’s cool that In-soo seemed to repent a little bit and all, but I actually ship Cho-seon and Jae-shin because they looked hot when they fought. And when he unmasked her. Yeah, I’m shallow like that. And about Yoon-hee, what, they’re fussing about her being a female while you know there’s only a few minutes left till the happy ending? Sigh, quite a let down and I was so intoxicated with the show esp from 3 – 15.

On the other hand, this might be the after effect of finishing another drama so bloody brilliant it blew everything else out of the water. Yeah. Evasive Inquiry Agency was fookin’ awesome. Fookin’ awesome I tell you. It pained me that the drama was soo underrated and even searching on WordPress didn’t yield many meaningful results at all. Have to admit though, during the time the drama came out, I didn’t even bat one eye at it. Oh wait, I did, because of Lee Min-ki ~ circa Kang Tae-bong; but looking at his unfortunate hair cut, I shied away again. That was the age when my sole purpose to watch (the occasional) K-drama was to squee at the likes of Lee Min-ho or Jang Geun-seuk or whoever dude was hot and shining new around that time… surely got my timeline mixed up.

Yeah, I guess no rom-com seeking casual K-drama watchers would even look at EIA, which means this gem is badly overlooked. But if one’s fortunate enough to come across it, it’s like finding Gojong’s gold itself. If you have a tightly plotted, well-thought out and a brilliant script that never ceases to surprise; talented and dedicated actors who have awesome chemistry together; excellent and smooth execution (although once again I don’t know shit about directing), well, you’ve stroke gold indeed.  It’s fun, fresh and creative, never goes too sappy nor put too much weight on the fluffy romance stuff. At first it offered itself as a wacky comedy, and yet, still laughing along, the show punched me in the gut with some emotionally heartbreaking stuff. Wow. If you have a chance, folks, please give it a chance. Don’t be put off by the weird and strange start that is so unlike a K-drama (then again this ain’t a typical K-drama). Don’t get turned off by the bad hair donned by these dodgy-looking guys, they’re awesome and they’re as loyal friends you can ever get. Don’t be turned off by that ahjumma-age lady, she’s completely, fascinatingly nutty (in a good way). In fact, EIA might worth a separate post by itself.

I also just started on Hong sisters’ My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho. I’m divided about the Hong sisters. Their dramas are creative, fresh, wacky, and funny. Although they lack subtlety, they’re so energetic and easy to fall in love with. In fact they’re so addictive that you’ll be so hooked and willing to go onboard with anything – so that when they unleash hell (in a bad way) during the last quarter, you kind of feel numb. Come to think of it, from the Hong sisters drama I watch, episodes 12 or 13 or so are generally a major pain in the arse to watch. Everyone’s just being angsty and gloomy and sacrificial and hurtful -like they’ve completely forgotten the bubbly energy that made everyone so crazy about them in the first place.  The sisters DO improve and they sure get better, and here’s hoping that Gumiho’s like that too. I like the start, show made me laugh and smile and generally feel good, the leads are more interesting that five Go Min-nyeos put together, both leads Lee Seung-gi and Shin Min-ah are so winning (they’re so cute!!), and I keep wishing that Noh Min-woo has more shirt buttons open on his running scene in episode 2, before seeing Mi-ho for the first time. So that’s a good sign. But there’s none of that *must*watch*next*episode* urgency that made my You’re Beautiful watching experience so memorable.

Is this because I’m getting used to the sister’s brand of humour; or because I’ve reached a saturation point in my k-drama experience – too much of a good thing in a short period of time (Geez, I hope this is temporary!) – or because I didn’t watch the drama in real time to enjoy fresh-from-the-oven recaps, discussion, and fan fervour; I don’t know.

Assorted Gems, I still put on hold. My dodgy DVD copy insists that every episode that ends with the number 9 and 0 would be corrupted (of course such things always happen); too bad, because I really want to see the parents get thrown out. I said that the show started to hook me in a slow, understated way, but it’s doing it far too slow, and I’ve read too many spoilers, and I’ve got too many things on my hands. So they’re still on hold. Eventually I will just ignore the corrupted episodes and move on, because, with family dramas I think one’s entitled to miss few episodes. But this drama’s being pushed down the list further.

There are other things I look out for, I watched one episode of Jejoongwon which was good; and after SKKS ended I think KBS World here will air Mary Stayed Out All Night. Sigh. My K-drama life badly needs prioritisation. Too bad, the thing I want to watch the most is actually Secret Garden, but alas doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen before the new year fireworks explode. Keep telling myself, be patient, be patient. Too much good things isn’t a good thing in itself.


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