Sungkyunkwan Scandal, three quarters

Short one this time.

I should have scheduled my SKKS two a week, just in time to watch the finale – which I don’t have – on tv. But Drama doesn’t have mercy. It continues to step up, crank up the awesomeness that was episode 13, 14, and 15… Where the playful, the cheeky and the teasing escalated into full waves of angst – glorious, hurts so good, a whirlwind of events that made uri poor hearts soar and sink. The pain of burning jealousy, frustration and heartbreak. The Hong Byeok Seo matters. Strong emotions from Yong-ha. The homosexuality scandal. The righteous Sun-joon struggling with his feelings and pushing Yoon-hee away. And clever, clever Sun-joon defeating Ha In-soo in the Sunkyunkwan hearing.

Come to think of it this follows the rite of passage in every k-drama: the grave misunderstandings, the I-will-distance-myself-from-you-for-your-own-good-and-killing-both-our-hearts-and the-viewers’-heart-in-the-process, the necessary separation… When it’s done so well with heart and sincerity and no too glaringly obvious external machinations we don’t roll our eyes, no (well not much anyway), we just clutch our computer screen and wail along. And when Sun-joon finally coming to terms with his own feelings…… @#$%^^&! I’m in love! Furthermore, the preview of 16 which makes me soar and sigh and smile giddily. Love! Just Love!

Then came 16.

I wish the feeling of episode 16 is like the preview- a sweet, wholesome feeling, but it’s not. It all felt…. anticlimatic really. Is it because 13-15 was so good that 16 feel bland in comparison? Or is it because the writers tearfully said, enough, enough with the angst, we would like to reward viewers with SQUEEEEEE-lets-not-think-lets-just-SQUEEEE. Or is it because the writers thought fanservice.. ratings.. moolah…  fanservice… just give them SQUEEEEE…

But while squee was balanced with cheeky and wits in the past, squee is a bit hollow this time.

Aish, I thought the fangirl in me has killed everything else, but alas no.

And I don’t like that Yoon-hee conveniently falls to the water so Sun-joon can find out she’s a girl. Is that how it’s done? I want her to tell him herself and take responsibility. I want him to go crazy ala  Choi Han-gyul – not the whole package mind you, a liiittle dosage, just half an episode will do really. He’s totally entitled to be more angsty, since he’s been suffering for like a few episodes and she’s been lying to him despite the very obvious mutual attraction, but when he finds out she’s a girl he’s just like, “OH? Ah? OK…”

But no matter. It’s not like episode 16 doesn’t have any goodness in it. Aplenty! The fangirl in me does rejoice. I cheered with joy when there’s only one blanket in Sun-joon’s room (what was I expecting? Vineyard Man tent scene?). The bedroom antics of our favourite sandwich were a hoot – who else screamed “Middle! Middle! Middle!” when Yoon-hee declared that SHE decides where she sleeps. The tiptoeing peck was squeedorable. 新民 (new people) and 親民 (close to people) were very eloquent. The hotdog of chastity was pretty honourable.

Drama is a gift, it has so much goodness, it has stolen and occupied a warm and sunny spot in my heart since the beginning, made me marvel at its Confucian wisdom and smarts. Four episodes to go!

*credit: caps from dramabeans


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One Response to Sungkyunkwan Scandal, three quarters

  1. ditdut says:

    Yep, same sentiment here. Everything up to ep 14-15 was like a romcom mindfuck, so compelling, so thrilling, but then 16 up kinda killed it.

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