Sungkyunkwan, halfway

Ruthless. If I am only allowed one word to describe Sungkyunkwan Scandal, that would be it. Ruthless.

The show has been discussed so extensively, I don’t know exactly what I can add without too much parroting. It was executed beautifully and sensibly, without insulting the audience’s intelligence. Beyond the cute and the fangirlism, lies serious issues like gender inequality, youth and idealism, hierarchy and seniority, corrupt bureaucracies, social and political gaps, etc etc. It has all been said.

What I love the most, I think, is the atmosphere that makes ancient Joseon seems like such a magical place to live. As depicted in the show it’s a harsh world, where poor citizens were powerless, where dirty political ploys were rife, where women and men didn’t have equal rights. Yet it is also the kind that makes me want to improvise a dyed paper bag for a scholar hat, or a giant lamp shade lined with beautiful fabrics for a gisaeng’s elaborate headgear, and closes my eyes hard enough wishing that I would time travel there any second.  The simultaneousness of chaste and naughty. The land where a woman’s silk undergarment is an intimate and touching gift of love, and where a woman brings around a knife to protect her chastity. A boy is so nervous and awkward in the presence of beautiful maidens that he hiccups uncontrollably. But at the same time it’s also got Daemul and Yeorim as nicknames of two of our beloved characters. And is there any other show which contains more lusting over lips? Your male roommate’s plump lips?

We don’t even need so much skinship because everytime someone moves his head closer to another person to softly whisper a secret, that alone makes me jump a little out of my skin. And this happens a lot actually. How strange.

I wish I can add more thoughtful things, but I guess I can’t, because most of the time, ruthlessly and mercilessly, the show has reduced me to the most basic, primal form like this.

The fangirl.

So many words start with S. Sungkyunkwan. Scandal. Squee. Swoon. Squeal.

I continue to marvel on the hot Joseon sandwich and its variants. And marvel on how Smarty’s back so inviting for snuggles.

When did righteous become so alluring? When your face cracks into a smile, oh boy with slightly simian features, how do you manage to tug my heartstrings?

She is so badass most of the time that I forget how beautiful she is.

He who has unkempt hair seriously, seriously steals my heart. In the future it will break for him.

He gets less and less disturbing and more, so much more adorable.

She, who repeatedly refers to herself as a lowly gisaeng, gives off such a regal and graceful air.

She, although annoying, is actually quite pitiful.

I think the tears were your eyes protesting from long hours of non-blinking. Also, your maniacal laugh made me feel so embarrassed for you, it hurt.

He is dangerous.

Meh. Old fart continues to be an old fart, but less and less effective.

Joseon Crack ain’t over for me!!

*credit: caps mostly taken from dramabeans and thundie’s prattle.


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One Response to Sungkyunkwan, halfway

  1. Lyna4u says:

    i love this drama too!!! still watching it! ekkekee

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