Boring update

Boring update from me. Now and for the next two months, I am back in my hometown – holidaying and just be a lazy useless bum, before I go back being a proper adult next year. With respect to my K-drama watching, both opportunities  and hindrances arise.

My parents have updated the internet at home from ancient dial-up internet to Broadband, thank goodness. But still, it is a farrrrr cry from the speedy Broadband I so enjoy back down under. My heart just sank when it took a while to load a 2-minute Youtube video, and 11 friggen hours when I tried to download SKKS episode 19 raw – Medium quality. It’s just not worth it.

So here’s what I have to do. Streaming is out of the question, so Flames of Ambition I have to put on hold. Sad. I’m increasingly worried about SKKS because I don’t have episode 19 and 20 in my hands yet. But, Hallelujah, really, KBS World comes to the rescue and hopefully I will be able to watch those two on tv!! Albeit somewhere in December!

I also have a stash of emergency drama rations, all safe inside a brand new hard drive I invested just the day before my departure (I’ve come to this war prepared, ha!). Hyena I’ve unwisely finished before I came, but I have the whole Evasive Inquiry Agency and also Eom Ki-joon’s Life Special Investigation Agency. I also have a few uncompleted episodes of Shin Don, Alone In Love, and Gumiho girlfriend, but I haven’t been in a mood to watch any of them now. I can also go hunt for dodgy DVDs, but risking my health and insanity with horrible subs and corrupted videos.

It’s with a heavy heart that I have to put Flames on hiatus, and start to avoid Soompi discussions, spoilery news on my staple blogs. But that can’t be helped. I have to schedule my SKKS really wisely too. On the bright side, there will be so much joy when I finally get back on track next year. Catching up on Flames, and two upcoming dramas with premises that make me wonder what the writers are smoking. One drama on test-driving two yummylicious men for 100 days of fake marriage. Another on soul-swapping and Hyun Bin acting girly. Will be such a hoot next year.


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2 Responses to Boring update

  1. ditdut says:

    Girl, that’s what ITCs are for. Piracy is win!

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