Flames of Gushing (episode 6)

OOHH!!! I don’t care if my thesis is due in 3 days, each episode trumps the awesomeness of the previous one, if it’s even possible, and episode 6 wins the battle of greatness hands down. I have to write this down. So many great moments. The first great moment is Jung-sook’s crying, which gave me chills. Her grief is real and piercing, for this child she loves so much, the child whom she sometimes feared because she’s so uncannily like Na-young in many ways. And her words in the middle of the wrecked sobs, “I’m sorry Na-young!” Man,that made me 30% close to tears (I hardly cry in movies / tv shows, ever. On the rare occasions that I do, it’s on unexpected ones and usually PMS related). Jung-sook is such a restrained character – even though she’s had her fair share of tears – so when she’s engulfed in her emotions like that, the impact was fabulous. Anyhow, just in less than ten minutes after that grief, I already lost count of how many times I “aahh”ed and “oohh”ed in delight. The torrent of emotions running through this episode is drastic, just unbelieavable.

This ain’t a recap. This is a gushing on a few highlights that I love.


LOL, this wtf face is gold.


Another delightful moment is thanks to Daddy Chaebol Kim Tae-jin – bwahaha…. who would’ve thought that a makjang could be this shamelessly funny? Honestly I don’t usually pay that much attention to elders in dramas but Daddy Kim just cracked me up big time this episode. Not just his perchant for sleeping at the most inappropriate of times… He dropped the bomb and delivered his big shocking line, and then he… dramatically collapsed. Um. I know a sick elder is not a funny thing but still, the way it’s all delivered, the theatricality. True makjang moment. Just when a few moments ago, he blew his candles very enthusiastically and every greedy adult was thinking, “This old boy’s very strong… At least ten more years before he passes on his inheritance dammit,” or something along that line. And you can see the faces of all his kids actually fell to the ground when he said he’s not gonna pass the company ownership to any of his kids. Last time I declared myself on board the crazy train,but moments in this episode is sometimes an out-of-body experience and I’m laughing from the sidewalk, again – dude, has this writer full control over me or what?

And of course, finally, Seo Woo – newly declared girl crush of mine.

“Do something nice. Pretend to be my boyfriend for ten minutes.”, she told the poor boy who’s just about to cut Grandpa’s birthday cake, whom she grabbed and ran away with.

As they’re surrounded by paparazzi who hungrily snapped photos, she let out a small triumphant scary smile while Min-jae’s visibly shaken. “Do you have a pen?” she asked casually. He’s tongue-tied. Totally stunned. Rummaging his suit like a dumb looking for the non-existent pen.

Then she took out her pink lipstick, “I’ll give you a signature as a memento.” and – omo – pressed the damn thing on her lips, glanced at him, signed on his tie, and pressed a lippy kiss on it. My Good Lord – how many guys wish to be that tie right now?! Little seductress! You’ve marked your territory all over him! And then she looked up, observing his face properly for the first time – and made her closing remark, “You’re cute.”

Dammn!! Such confidence… LOL. And all girls out there seriously contemplate trying on these lines and actions to pick-up a random hottie. Me, I’m doubling up with laughter just from imagining myself doing such a thing to my crush – if I have even half the guts – that would scare the bejesus out of him.

Feisty, feisty little vixen!!

About her whole epic entry speech, I think it’s overacted, – I’m usually very lenient to this kind of thing but the intensity is just too much to handle. I also think that it’s brilliantly overacted – a necessary evil. Because that’s definitely not the real her, her whole façade is faked and staged. And that gives me a dead clear idea that this girl is not of sound mind. Twisted and very volatile. And the vulnerability she shows makes me worry, worry so much already.

I’m a bit disappointed how she turned out – personality-wise, but really gleeful – drama-wise. As a child, under the loving care of Jung-sook, I thought she was better than Na-young. Still forceful and ambitious, yes, but less embittered. Just at that moment when she found out (she thought, anyway) that her dad is a recently executed criminal, that just turned her world upside down – but how drastic she turns out to be is beyond me. Although her inclination towards suicidal tendencies is apparent from beginning… how many times was it? First, when Min-jae intervened, second – that night on the beach, and of course that very first scene of adult In-ki and Na-young. So I assume since that fateful night she cut all ties with her adopted mum and made it on her own. I’m really really curious how she became this hateful, manipulative little creature, and I’m hoping the writer would dissect that.


Baek In-ki's Kristen Stewart moment


Some other pics for viewing pleasure – not necessarily from episode 6!


Since early times Min-jae has been told to suck up to Grandpa



I find them two to be very intriguing, ever since his "G... G... Get off me you devil's incarnate!" reaction.



Na-young's extremely rare vulnerable moment



Daughter-in-laws exchanging fake smiles - I seriously LMAO.



The offsprings from Papa Kim's midlife crisis?



The adults. L-R: First son, Second son, "Nice Catch"Auntie or illegitimate fourth child; First Daughter in law; Young-min or Third Son; and.... uh... business associate? Family steward? Is his name Yoon?



The illegitimate adults and the third generation kids. L-R: "Nice Catch" Auntie - Kim Tae-jin's fourth child; Min-jae (Gosh, reading a book on the background?! Just like his dad...); Illegitimate Broody Uncle Kim Young-shik; and Min-jae's boisterous random cousins.



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