Fluxus Voices

I’m an absolute newbie on K-music (or Asian music actually… I left my country’s music years ago and never looked back), still dabbling my way around, but feel very curious because of my newfound devotion to k-drama. I feel that I’m 10 years too old for those bubblegum idol pop (although that Sorry Sorry Sorry is rather addictive). But then, I listen to Clazziquai and we just… click (off topic, but oh boy I’m not a fan of Alex’s ridiculously ripped body. Is it just me? I mean, such a gentle voice, who would’ve expected King Leonidas hiding under there! But then again that really masculine and muscled arms should be enough hints.)

Aanyway last night I found the most amazing thing on Youtube.

Damn. If I am to be proposed with this, I will just melt and die. K-indie. You have my soul. I won’t look back.

Lyrics can be found here.


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part time couch potato, full time movie and drama enthusiast.

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