Feeling Bashful on The Trailer of Little Obama

Oh mah gah. I have to admit I was a little thrilled (ok, slightly more than a little) when I randomly googled and found the trailer of a movie Anak Menteng (Little Obama), which made news in Citizen Tube and Huffington Post. Whoa, really? Such guts, so this is actually a real movie and not some parody? So they really made a movie on his time spent from age 6-10 in Indonesia? And it garnered international interest? No matter how well made, it will always be inaccurate and dramatised, it will always attract haters. Especially with such a subject, the incumbent President of The United States himself. Cautiously, I pressed the play button with hope and anxiety.

OK. A few cringeworthy moments and the growing number of oddities… made me blush. so he learned how to fight from his step father? Huh? Is this like the Art of Fighting? A little pretty girl giving him flowers? Cheese alert on high. Then as I read along Huffington Post it dawned on me… Karate Kid ripoff!!! My heart sinks. That’s when I have a strong urge to hide under a table. A part of me wants to cry… why why why… the massive potential of this premise kills me. The difference of this trailer to another brilliant trailer of The Social Network (also based on a true story, also said to be an inaccurate portrayal) is as tall as the heavens. Then I read about how the movie was made. One month of research and the penning of script in four days, all in a rush to coincide with a visit to Indonesia by the titular man himself (which was cancelled, heh). *shake head with disbelief* Nooo!! Why not entrust this premise to giants like Nia Dinata or Rudy Soedjarwo? Why rushing and not making it slowly and lovingly, tempering it into gold?

I hope, though, it’s still somewhat an entertainment to those who stumbled here. After all it garnered international interest, if for the wrong reasons *sigh*.


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