There’s something sliightly cheeky about the idea of the female secretary and the boss. After this movie, you’ll never think the same way.

Lee Holloway

Directed by Stephen Shainberg, starring James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal, this 2002 movie was nominated for the Golden Globe. Sensuous, erotic and highly delicious while at the same time full of heart, gentle and uplifting. Weird combination. Official website here.


The troubled Lee Holloway was just released from a mental hospital for self-mutilation when she found a job as a secretary of a demanding lawyer, Mr. E Edward Grey. Excited with the prospect of having a job for the first time, despite Mr Grey’s warning that it would be a very dull one, Lee was enthusiastic and this intrigues Mr Grey. Both emotionally troubled, they couldn’t deny that absolutely electric attraction and started an unconventional, sadomasochistic affair.

Rants (with spoilers):

I was expecting a cheeky watch of a light hearted comedy. I mean just look at the poster! One minute into it I realized I was wrong. Maggie’s Lee Holloway was dejected, lost, vulnerable and her naivety and excitement of getting a job for the first time was amazing, she’s a child-woman. What follows is a weird journey. Yes, it’s raunchy and full of sexual tension. Yet it’s also romantic, darkly funny. James as Mr Grey was perfect in his controlling and cold demeanour, because he suppressed. And yet his gentleness, especially towards the end of the movie, could make anyone weak-kneed. Come on. First time I found a guy in his forties this delicious. More so than James Bond. And the sexual chemistry was brilliant. As Mr Grey tried to suppress his desire and Lee’s more convinced that it’s what’s right for them, she grew into a strong, confident woman. I especially like the one scene where Mr Grey wrote an apologetic letter to Lee and the next instant, upon seeing her, was him feeding the letter to the paper shredder. Mr Grey and Lee gave what the other wanted, and outside, they’re just like another couple. Tongue-firm-in-cheek and sensitively made, this satire of a movie shows that love, how unconventional it is, might work its wondrous ways and this is a really sweet, satisfying watch that makes you fell all bubbly and warm inside. Strange considering the premise of spanking, bondage and all that. 8.5/10

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