Citizen Dog (Mah Nakorn)

Directed by Wisit Sasanatieng, starring Mahasamut Boonyaruk and Saengthong Gate-Uthong, 2004, dubbed as the Thai Amelie, narrated by Pen-Ek Ratanaruang. The Thai Amelie description makes me curious, plus, he’s cute!

Synopsis: Country bumpkin Pod went to Bangkok, despite his granny’s warning that he’d grow a tail living in the city. He found a job at a sardine cannery but lost his finger in a freak accident. So he went to search for the missing finger and decided to be a security guard instead, where he met pretty maid Jin, who’s obsessed in a white book that she didn’t understand.

Rants (contains spoilers):

I love the main theme. It’s full of heart.

Apparently this is really a tribute to French sensation Amelie, but the lack of sleekness and sophistication in Citizen Dog really is its charm. I like the use of colours, they’re really eye-popping, and the really fake special effects, like the grandma gecko, are adorable. Some of the characters are weird, even kooky, but this is surrealism so you should just go along and enjoy it. One good thing though, the plot seems like it goes haywire and you could never really predict where it’s gonna go, (except how Pod and Jin ends up, no?) and the two main characters’ naivety are sometimes annoying yet most of the times endearing. But. I do like Citizen Dog. What I love the most is its genuine warmth and gentle humour, like how the people in the city wears Jin’s blue maid uniform. And the bus grinding scene. And a little scene where the guy in the car who almost knocked Pod over really looked for his father. My verdict: 6.5/10.

Here’s a nice review of Citizen Dog.

Where to find it?

download, crunchyroll (with subtitles) or youtube (no subtitles)


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